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Membership & Benefits


By becoming a member of DGI – SAEINDIA COLLEGIATE CLUB, you become a part of a global organization, whose benefits are geared specifically to the needs of the mobility engineering community. Your formal education and professional development will be enhanced through your DGI - SAEINDIA member benefits.


1.Member Grade

This grade shall be composed of persons having a qualified College or University degree in Engineering and a minimum of five (5) years of professional technical experience or having the required equivalent years of technical education and professional technical experience or who have rendered distinguished service and are having noteworthy accomplishments in the area of Mobility Engineering or who have been members of SAEINDIA or IAE (India). 

2.Associate Grade

This grade shall be composed of persons having a qualified College or University degree in Engineering or having the required equivalent years of technical education and professional technical experience but have not yet attained the experience and level of responsibility to qualify for grade of member or who have been Associate members of SAEINDIA or IAE (India).

3.Affiliate Grade

This grade shall be composed of persons whose affiliation supports the objectives of SAEINDIA but do not meet the requirements for Members and Associate Members or who have been Affiliate members of SAEINDIA or IAE (India).

Applicants who are elected to either Associate or Affiliate grade may apply for a grade transfer after they have obtained more experience in the mobility engineering field.


SAEINDIA is one of the few professional engineering societies whose membership represents practically every engineering and scientific discipline. Its members combine their specialized abilities to further advance the research, development, design, manufacture and utilization of vehicles which operate on land and water and in air and space. Many of these benefits and opportunities are outlined below. 

  •  Membership provides for regular members to have access to emagazine- either Automotive  Engineering International or Aerospace Engineering magazine.
  •  Systematic and organized way to groom students by qualified faculty members, for SAEINDIA  International and National level competitions.
  •  Members can purchase SAEINDIA and SAE International technical papers and publications at  member discount prices.
  •  Discounts on SAEINDIA top-tech training programs.
  •  Discount for transferring to regular membership.
  •  Discounts on SAE technical papers, books and hand books.
  •  Free subscriptions to on-line magazine
  •  Preference given by automotive companies in allocating industry projects. 
  •  Free industry visits
  •  Scholarships

  • Members receive free registration at SAEINDIA's lecture meetings and exhibits. This unique benefit puts the members in touch with other professional engineers and suppliers who determine the future of the expanding mobility industry worldwide.
  • SAEINDIA regularly plans and offers many career development activities such as job fairs, career enhancement sessions, resume/recruitment boards, and resume database services. Professional development seminars are also available at special member discounted rates, as well as undergraduate and graduate scholarship programs.
  • Access vital high-tech mobility information through renewal registration fee for attending SAEINDIA National and International Congress.
  • Network with industry leaders and corporate officials at SAEINDIA meetings and local section activities.
  • Save Rs.2500 to Rs.10000 while attending SAEINDIA professional development business and TOP TECH Programs.  

Membership Eligibility: Applicants must be students leading in any bachelor, masters, or doctoral in engineering technology.
Membership Services: Through SAEINDIA student membership, students can enjoy many of the services made available to SAEINDIA’s regular members. Further, DGI - SAEINDIA Collegiate Clubs offer student members organized programs, design competition, networking opportunities with Industry leaders and leadership experience.
DGI - SAEINDIA Student members will receive Automotive and Engineering magazines online FREE. The online magazines offer the same great technical content and additional features in a searchable PDF format. Archived issues are also available.

Student Members will be provided with I.D. and Password.
Join today to gain access to SAEINDIA’s magazines publications online.
Student Annual Dues are Rs.460/-
First year students can pay the membership fee as Rs.1600+315 (15% Service Tax) for all 4 years + Rs.500 1year for transfer of membership to Associate Membership.
Students can also join the 4+1 scheme & enroll themselves till one year after the passing out year. The student 4+1 enrolment scheme is as follows:
4+1 - 1st Year Student 400 x 4 + 500 = Rs.2100/- + Rs.315/- = Rs.2415/-
3+1 - 2nd Year Student 400 x 3 + 600 = Rs.1800/- + Rs.270/- = Rs.2070/-
2+1 - 3rd Year Student 400 x 2 + 700 = Rs.1500/- + Rs.225/- = Rs.1725/-
1+1 - 4th Year Student 400 x 1 + 800 = Rs.1200/- + Rs.180/-  = Rs.1380/-
Annual Membership 400 x 1 + Rs.60/-  = Rs.460/-
The membership card will be valid for a period of which the member is paying the subscriptions as stated above.
The Student gets a substantial monetary benefit if opts for the 4+1 scheme. If he joins normally after passing out, his membership starts at a fee of Rs.1265 /- as against the above.